Breaking in Long Riding Boots 

Tips for Breaking in Long Riding Boots 

Unlike breaking in your normal leather shoes, long-riding boots usually tend to be more structured and stiffer. This makes it challenging for them to fit your unique feet. That is why breaking in new, long-riding boots can be tedious and painful, especially for beginners.  But don’t worry! This comprehensive guide

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The trending ‘European summer’ wardrobe staples

The Euro summer wardrobe is all about looking comfortable and low-key but ‘dressed’ at the same time, inspired by the likes of Sofia Richie Grainge and her ‘old money’ aesthetic. Whether you’re strolling along the cobblestone streets of a European city or lounging seaside at a Mediterranean resort, the right jewellery can elevate the allure of any Euro summer outfit. 

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Right Diamond Shape For Your Hand

How To Choose The Right Diamond Shape For Your Hand Size

Are you looking into engagement rings or buying a new diamond ring? If so, finding a diamond shape that you not only love but that flatters your hand is so important, considering how often you will be wearing it! By understanding how different diamond shapes complement various hand sizes, you

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Property expert warns against TikTok interior trend

This TikTok interior trend might also require more frequent maintenance to keep it looking clean, fresh and vibrant. This additional upkeep could also be a deterrent for homeowners seeking low maintenance exteriors. You must also take into account the rest of your street’s overall look and feel, opting for a bold colour may disrupt the street and potentially upset your neighbours.” 

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How Bunk Beds Can Transform Your Space

Originally associated with cramped dormitories and children’s bedrooms, bunk beds have evolved far beyond their utilitarian origins to become versatile, stylish, and space-saving furniture pieces that can transform any room. Let’s delve into how bunk beds can revolutionise your living space.

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New Scents For Spring…

“Spring brings about changes in temperature and humidity, which can alter the way fragrances interact with your skin. Lighter, fresher scents tend to perform better in the milder spring weather compared to the heavier, warmer fragrances more suitable for winter.

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Seven Styles On Trend This Spring

March sees the return of Spring, transitioning our wardrobes from coats and boots to lighter pieces as the weather dictates. 2024 is already shaping up to be an interesting year for fashion trends, as we see the phase out of the clean girl aesthetic and swap ‘quiet luxury’ for ‘mob wife’ in our collections. 

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The Aesthetic Of The Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rugs have become a home styling must have. And new for 2024, The Rug Seller has added exciting fresh brands and additional products within its popular designer collections to create probably one of the biggest selections of outdoors rugs on one site in the UK!

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The Bedside Glow You didn’t Know You Needed

Bedside tables are having their moment, with views for #bedsidetable hitting 133 million on TikTok, and #bedsidetabletour reaching 13 million views. Whilst bedside drawers often don’t receive much attention, they can play a key role in bringing your bedroom aesthetic together. 

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Delicate Floral Wallpapers for Spring & Summer

Spring is in the air, meaning the season of new life and fresh botanicals is on the horizon. In celebration of spring/summer 2024, creators of made-to-measure wallpaper murals, Wallsauce, introduces five delicate floral wallpaper murals to give homes a fresh makeover.

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wedding jewellery

Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Inevitably your outfit and accessories are key to feeling fantastic on this special day – but knowing where to start with your wedding jewellery as the bride can be tricky.

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